Most Popular Safes of 2016 and How to Choose the Right One

Everyone wants to be safe and secured, especially at home. Security is one of the most important things you need to seek for your homes to keep yourself and other valuables protected and safe against forceful entry. If you buy a house, always prioritize its security systems. To have enough security at homes, below are the list of most popular safes than can be your guide in investing in the best security system for your homes.

  1. Sentry Safe Fire Chest

This is one of the most popular safes today, as it is a fire- resistant home safe. This sentry safe fire chest provides you ultimate protection. It also comes at affordable price however, this safe is portable.

  1. American Security

The American Security is also a fire resistant safe and it is heavy. This a good choice for your home safe however, the price is expensive. But, it can provide you an absolute safety and security for your homes. It has 3 deadbolts and 5 locking bolts.

  1. Protex- Electronic Wall Safe

This safe is mostly used in offices where important documents need to be properly secured. But, it can also be used at homes, schools, hotels, or dorms. This electronic wall safe is very easy to install at any interior walls. It has hidden locks where you can hide all the important documents such as birth certificates, paperwork or other valuable things. It has digital keypad therefore, it is safe as it can’t be open by someone else.

  1. Liberty Biometric Safe

If security system is one of your main concern, consider this liberty biometric safe. It provides security for your homes and valuables. It is well-designed and made for your home and personal security. It comes with fingerprint scanner & locking bolts.

  1. Verifi Smart Safe

The special feature of this smart safe is that, it has silicon sensor with imaging system that generates the fingerprint images. This smart safe works for anyone, as it is also used by the government departments because it is very safe and can easily recognize fingerprints. In addition, it has also an auto-lock features.

Anyone wants to choose the right safes for their safety. In choosing the right home safes for your security system at home, the things that you should include:


It’s not safe if you choose a portable one because it cannot give extra protection for you and for your home. And it will be easier for a theft to steal a portable safe. Make sure that when you are looking for the right safe, it is not portable.

Build Quality

As you want to be safe and more secure, choose those safes that are quality and can provide you full protection against thieves and other harm. A safe that build quality are water resistant, and fire resistance. Those two are things that you should consider in choosing for the right safe.

Anti -Theft Protections 

A safe that is not anti-theft protection is unsafe. You have to remember that thieves now are smarter as they can even hack keys and locks of your house. Considering a safe that is anti-theft protection can give you assurance that you are fully protected and safer.

Locking Style

Basically, style of locking has two systems, the mechanical & electronic locking style. The mechanical locks require periodic service while electronic locks are virtual. Combining the two styles of locking system can give you high level of safety and protection.

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Importance of knowing how to choose locksmith company in baltimore.
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